Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Affrimative Prayer for Peace

Affrimative Prayer for Peace by Naava Dewey

One heartbeat. One breath. One Life. One unending Peace. One infinite Beingness that created, contains, and sustains all that is. And so much more. Every star in the universe created by and from this One. Held in the seemingly empty vastness, but filled with and suspended in the infinite invisible Light and Peace of the Divine.

And I am made from That, living as That, swimming in that vast Peace of the divine Being. Peace is my very nature. And the True nature of every person on this planet.

And so I invite and embrace the Truth that the Peace in each person is revealed and lived in such a way that it ripples out to everyone around them, affecting family, friends, community, nations, and the Earth itself. Every heart and mind filled with awareness of divine Peace and Love, filling us to such an extent that anything else is seen as unnecessary, extraneous, and obsolete. I accept a Peace that fills the hearts and minds of all of humanity, showering the Earth with Light, Peace, and Joy, radiating brilliantly into the stratosphere, filling every heart and mind in this invisible perfect Light of the One. Peace is here. Peace is Now. Peace is the Truth. Peace is our Essence. Let it reign. Let it rain.

Let it Be. Thank you Life! And so it is.

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