Saturday, October 11, 2014

Peace and Forgiveness

Peace and Forgiveness

There is one breath, one heart, one source of all being. It is that irrepressible force of love, creating from Itself, moving the invisible into form, sustaining, dissolving and creating anew in each moment. It is infinite potential and goodness, everywhere present, seen and unseen, known and unknown, inclusive of all there is. It has many names: Mother, Father, God, Spirit.

However I name It, I am made of this divine substance, a child of God, inseparable from this goodness, a place where God shows up. It is my very breath and heartbeat, It flows through, around and as me, there is no place I end and the rest of God begins. It is the source of that which expresses through me, the purpose of my being. I am inseparable from this everywhere present Good.

From this oneness I choose to remember the divine nature of who I am, my connection to all life. I claim a deeper awareness of the harmony and balance inherent in my being, reflected in how my body systems work together for the good of the whole. I allow this to inform my inner life, those activities and spiritual practices that support balance, harmony and peace within myself. I let go of limiting thoughts, judgments, wounds, and fears that I may more fully experience my natural peaceful state of being. I make friends with the supreme court that resides in my head. I am kinder to myself when I am challenged and frustrated. I practice Peace and Forgiveness instead of war when dealing with my inner chatter. This better equips me to sow seeds of peace and harmony in all my interactions in the world. My internal and external responses grow more understanding, compassionate and helpful. I listen more completely for the meaning beneath the words. I let go of wanting to “fix”, more confident in the process of what is wanting to be known. I allow this attitude of Peace to more fully embody who I am.

With gratitude I celebrate knowing this Spiritual Truth, this shift in consciousness for and about myself.

I release my word into the One, the Power of Now that has already acted on it. I let go and let God.

And so it is.

By Amada Colt, RScP

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