Saturday, February 20, 2016

All Life is Honored

We see a world where all life is honored as expressions of the Divine

There is one Power, one Presence in the universe; it is Spirit, the Divine One. It is in and around and through all that is. Spirit is the cause and source of all that is, and manifests as that which It creates. Spirit is both the whole of all that is and every part of the whole. Spirit gives of Itself to Itself, abundantly and without ceasing. There is no place where Spirit is not present; there is no thing that is not Spirit manifesting.

I am one with Spirit, in this moment and each moment. I am a unique manifestation of Spirit, always evolving in and expressing Its love, light, joy, creativity, and intelligence. Spirit delights in manifesting uniquely as me. As this is true of me, this is true of all life. All life is a unique manifestation of Spirit. Spirit is the infinite and loving Divine Essence, giving love, light, joy, creativity, and intelligence to all that it creates. Spirit delights in manifesting uniquely as all of life.

I therefore recognize the truth that in Spirit all things are possible. That which seems to divide us is temporary and is not the truth of who we are. The truth of who we are is that our essence is Spirit. We are all made of Spirit—It is Life Itself—breathing every breath, beating our hearts, and blooming each flower. I remember that all of life is part of the wholeness that is Spirit. There is no way for any creature, being, or aspect of life to be separate from this wholeness. All of life is the Creator delighting in expressing Itself. I recognize the divine guidance that inspires us to live in harmony, love, joy, and grace. I claim for us, that we grow and create new ways to celebrate that which appears as differences, discovering again and again the truth of who we are—that we are One, and there is no way that we can ever be separate.

I give thanks for the recognition of these truths.

I completely, and with confidence, release this prayer into the Law of Mind that makes it so.

And so it is. 

Susan Bennett, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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