Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Connected to All Life

Connected to All Life

Connected to all life, remembering that Divine Love flows eternally, witnessing this earth’s evolution up to this moment, I rest in this prayer connected to all there is.  My breath reminds me that I breathe with all life on this planet.  We are all interconnected by this divine thread of life’s intelligence living itself. 
In tragedy and sad hearted times, I hold tight with the tools of our faith which affirms that good will overshadow any hate.  Love is stimulated now into action by the conditions of the world, thus this prayer is a word for healing at our deepest level of humanity.  I affirm that it starts with me as I look into the corners of my heart and weed out any ideas of separation, hate, or prejudice.   I replace negativity with gratitude for life living itself as us in this important time in history.  I claim that healing starts in me as I allow feelings of hurt, sadness, disappointment, anger, fear, worry to flow in and more quickly flow out, as I give them safe passage through my thought atmosphere.   This allows divine love to flow more freely through me.
Understanding that when we are feeling the weight of world’s conditions now, we can choose to turn toward the truth that love emerges stronger and more unified than ever before, and with it a sense of hope, and peace, and faith that all unfolds in God’s grace.
Gratefully, I rest in confidence that love shines brightly in my heart and this light lifts up all those in my thought atmosphere.  As I release this prayer, I bless the work that is already at work in our world.


Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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