Saturday, January 5, 2019

Affirmative Prayer for Feeling Worthy and Receptive

May we rest in the eternal peace that is our true nature before any thought of separation arises.

For there is only one thing but that one thing is all things. That one thing is everywhere all of the time no exceptions. The source of all is - it is the Alpha and Omega of Life.  It is the creator and its creation. Everywhere is beauty, love, joy, light, power, and the abundance Of all good things.

This vibrating energy of goodness is connected to me. It resides deep within my center. It is in every cell and every organ and runs through my veins. As this is true for me this overwhelming abundance and goodness connects each one - one to another for we are of the one mind.

I accept right here and now this access to the great reality. I accept goodness. I accept clarity. For God illumines my path and shows me divine guidance. There is no mystery in the mind of God so I trust and surrender with my deep faith knowing that life will unfold beautifully for me. I proclaim the sweet truth that life is indeed for me. This comes to me divinely. It is the grace of God and I am worthy to receive this. There is no other individualized expression of the one that is just like me. I walk in the path of Faith and trust and willingness. I do the right thing and hang out in right action when ever possible.

My heart resides in gratitude for the knowing of this prayer. I am grateful.

With complete calm and confidence I release this prayer unto the law and fully accept it’s manifestation. 

And so it is. Amen.

Tamarya Hulme, RScP
Center for  Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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