Saturday, July 14, 2012

Clarity and Love

Here is a prayer by Melissa Phillippe

Clarity and Love

There is only one thing happening here. It is the Love of the Divine One. This infinite power is all that is. It is a power of love beyond my wildest imaginings. This energy of infinite love, truth and clarity creates all of the galaxies.

This is what breathes me. It is the breath. It is every dimension and every aspect of me. It is all that I am. And so it must be that I am infused with this infinite power of love. This is the reality of my being. This is the reality of every one reading these words now.

In this awareness, I understand that clarity lives within me, and within the reader of this prayer – clarity and love that bring with them the awareness of what is Truth. And so today I have faith that anything that is not the spiritual truth is recognized as such. Any thoughts that are not aligned with this reality and truth of Beingness Itself are seen as the misunderstandings they are. I invite any shifts in consciousness to take place that need to take place in order to bring an entirely new level of this clarity into being within the reader now. With this new level of understanding and clarity comes a deepening into alignment with Truth, the true essence of being. I understand that this realignment brings with it the possibility of walking in a whole new level of joy and celebration for this truth that is deeply known. I allow for this to bring with it a new level of ease in recognizing anything else, simply seeing the truth and releasing anything that is not this truth. It is a beautiful thing!

Grateful for this – for the transformation and the new level of clarity and love that is allowed to move more freely as a result – I give thanks.

I let this go, knowing that as I release it to the One that makes it so, it is done. And so I let it go, and I let it be.

And so it is.

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