Friday, July 6, 2012

Harmony in Relationships

Harmony in Relationships

There is one infinite loving Presence that is at the center of life itself. Deep within and all around all that exists, this loving Presence guides and informs life with its powerful wisdom. Harmony is its nature. All of life responds to the warmth of its love.

It is the love of this divine Presence that lives its life through me, through each of us. I am, we are, love, wisdom and harmony finding its full expression.

I declare that I am, we are each guided by the wisdom of the loving Presence. All of our relations are an expression of the harmonious nature of the divine Spirit. Wherever forgiveness is needed it flows naturally. Each and every heart is freed by the action of love. Harmony abounds in every relationship. I accept this as the truth for each and every one, manifesting from this moment forth.

I celebrate the good that emanates from this awareness and embodiment of harmony in relationships.

I release this word into the law that makes it so.

And So It Is

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