Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beyond any Appearance is Oneness

Here is a prayer by Brenda Kobrin

Beyond any appearance is Oneness

Life is infinite creative power--always loving, always whole, always creating new versions of itself in an infinite variety of forms, styles and expressions. Each one of Life’s unique expressions of Itself is whole, complete and perfect in and of itself, lacking nothing and eternally connected to the whole of creation. 

This includes me. This includes all of us.

I see many differences of expression, of thoughts, of ideas throughout the world and yet I know that we are all One. I see examples of fear and prejudice expressing in our world, and yet I know that the truth that lies beyond any appearance is Oneness. On our path of expansion we are experiencing an infinite variety of ways of being, each one adding our own flavor and tone to the richness of universal being. So, I honor the differences I see. I appreciate the contrasts. I accept for each of us a recognition of “the others” as US. We are One, we are Life, we are Infinite. We are each playing our unique roles in this amazing production. We recognize the other players as essential and important to the whole production of this amazing play called Life. 

I celebrate the recognition and I know that only good can flow forth from it with greater expressions of love and appreciation for all that is and all who play their part.

 So, with great gratitude I sit back and watch this unfolding of magnificence and I know that it is good. And so it is.

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