Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Affirmative Prayer for Financial Freedom

Here is a lovely prayer from a student:

PURPOSE – I want financial freedom with all bills paid.

RECOGNITION – God is the Creative Source of all that is. God is abundant supply of everything good: love, life, joy, beauty & abundance.

UNIFICATION – God & I are one. The mind of God flows through me as thought. I am a whole & complete child of God with the power for good in my finances.

REALIZATION – I totally accept abundance in my life. I have faith in my ability to thrive financially. The wisdom of God within me guides my every move. I experience unconditional love flowing through me at all times. I believe in my financial abundance & open my heart & mind to receive it. My mind is free to explore my creativity in every area of my life. I feel the joy & peace of financial freedom.

THANKSGIVING – I celebrate the freedom that comes with this shift in consciousness. I am grateful for the feeling of freedom this abundance brings into my life.

RELEASE – I release my word into the Law of Mind & I surrender, let go & let God. And so it is.

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