Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prayer for the New Year

Prayer for Acceptance and Opening by Bette Smith

There is only one thing going on here and now and that is God.  In every moment, in every action and circumstance, God is.  God is in the winds and rain, and in the dark of night and the same in the light of day.  God is everywhere, all around, always available, all knowing, all powerful, all wise.  God is love and peace, joy and wisdom, eternally, now and always.

I am a creative expression of God.  I am love and peace; I am wisdom and joy now and forever.  I am the light of God, showing up here and now and relaxing into this knowing.  And what is true for me is absolutely true for each one of us.  Each one is a creative expression of God, filled to overflowing with love and wisdom, joy and freedom.  Each one of us blessed with a love that has no end.    Equal in God’s love, each of us has at our center a wellspring of peace and ease, love and power.            

From this place of unification, I now claim a blessing for this New Year.  I claim a gentle and easy opening to expand into my understanding of that unifying force of God.  With open arms, I declare a welcoming to what is yet to be.  Although the end is not in sight, God lights my way one step at a time and the path is easy and clear.   I bravely take that first step now and claim my intention for 2013 realizing the power and love of God within. 

With great gratitude for this time of opening and expansion, I allow a shift of consciousness.  I am grateful and thankful, and I feel so blessed.

Feeling confident in the power of my word, I release it into the law and let it be.  

And so it is. Amen.

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