Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eternal Life

Someone asked me for a prayer that they could use while sitting with someone who is dying. I have included a place for you to insert the name of the one for whom you are praying. 

Eternal Life

There is one Life. It is the Life of the eternal, living Spirit. It is without beginning and without end. It is forever renewing Itself through all of Its creation. Its nature is peace and love. All of existence is unfolding according to the perfect intelligence of this loving Spirit. There is nothing that is outside of the embrace of the Divine One.

Everyone and everything is included in the divine pattern of perfection that is God. Each one here and all of our loved ones are a perfect emanation of the eternal living Spirit. And this includes me and it includes the one I am praying for today (person’s name).

No matter what the circumstances are, I am remembering by means of this prayer that nothing is ever lost. That love is eternal, life is eternal. So in this time of transition I accept for this (person’s name) complete peace. I accept as they prepare to leave this physical world that they are being guided into a greater expression of Spirit. I declare that all discomfort and distress is hereby relieved and that comfort and ease come naturally to every part of this (person’s name) body. I accept peace of mind and calm emotions.

I accept that the beauty and wonder of (person’s name) is fully know in the mind of God and that they are moving into a time filled with love and peace. I accept that their loved ones are supported in this time and than all needs are met. I extend a word of blessings to all of their caregivers and medical team.

I am remembering by means of this prayer that Spirit is a constant companion to all beings and that none of us are ever alone and this includes (name of person). As I am fully present in this moment to the wonder of life, I declare that so to is the living Spirit fully present here and now and eternally.

I give thanks for this time of remembering the Spiritual Truth about this time of transition for (person’s name)

I release this word of prayer into the receptive aspect of the living Spirit that manifests its highest intention.

And So It Is

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