Monday, February 18, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

There is a Presence that is eternal and infinite. It is generous and supportive. It is the light that guides all of creation into its most perfect expression. This Presence is the source of all of life and It is ever renewing itself through its creation. It is the only expression, It is all expression.

And this Presence expresses Itself as me. All that I am and all that I do is taking place within the eternal, infinite presence. Its light shines within me and emanates from me. Life renews Itself through me.

From this understanding of my oneness with the Presence, I accept for myself that I am free to express my unique self. I open and  allow myself to be moved by the guiding light within me. As I am aligned with the all-good nature of this Presence, I trust that all of my expressions are kind and beneficial. I realize I am both unique and necessary. I am an essential aspect of creation and as such my full expression serves the greater good. Realizing this spiritual truth about myself, I open to the freedom that is mine. The freedom to express myself for the good of all. As I release all that could possibly hinder the fullest expression of my highest good, I accept the loving guidance of the Divine One.

I give thanks for this new found realization of my own freedom to express.

I release this Word into the Law that responds fully.

And So It Is

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