Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When There Are No Words...

When There Are No Words...

Sometimes I cannot find the words to pray, my mind keeps wandering back to the challenge I am facing. Here is one way to pray that helps me.

First I sit still and take a few deep breaths. I place my attention at the center of my chest and let my breathing be free and open.

Next, I consciously turn my thoughts and feelings to something or someone that is lovely to me. I let myself rest in the remembrance of this goodness. I breathe. I slow down. Perhaps I think of something else that is beautiful or someone that has brought me joy. Or I set my gaze upon a tree, a flower or a bird in the yard. I take my time to let this feeling fill me.

Sometimes this is enough, just to remember that love exists.

Other times I go on to feel that I am a part of this loveliness, this beauty this joy. I remember the feeling of unity and oneness. I rest here.

If I am feeling soft and open, I might even let the idea of what is disturbing to me enter my mind. I let the softness of my heart and breath wash over my thoughts about the situation. Just as it is, nothing to fix or explain, I let myself expand to make room for both the feelings of loveliness and the challenging feelings to exist side by side.

I sit still and breath, knowing that this is enough. This subtle shift in my awareness is a powerful prayer.

I encourage you to be gentle with yourself. Be soft and kind. Make room for all of you, all of life.

Blessed Be.

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