Thursday, May 9, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Healing and Immune Support

Here is a prayer from Practitioner Naava Dewey

Healing of disease and immune support during chemo

There is only one Life. One infinite invisible Whole. It is the only Reality - invisible yet ever-present, intangible yet eternally intricately our own. This one invisible sparkling Essence is Life Itself. It is the Source of all Life. It IS life as we know it and so much more. We swim in the ocean of this divine Light and Wholeness, steeped in It like tea bags, it flows through us and as us, permeating every cell. It is the I Am that knows that It knows.

We are made of it. Every cell of my body and all the spaces in between. Ever atom in this body and all the spaces within it are made of that divine Essence. The energy that holds the atoms and cells together is Life Itself, and the atoms too are made of this divine Energy, this divine Love, this divine Light. And the very same is true for each and every person, all made of this amazing dazzling, brilliant invisible divine Light.  It bathes every cell, every atom, every organ and tissue, and it is the atoms, cells, organs and tissues themselves. 

This divine invisible Light is Powerful enough to eliminate anything unlike It. Like turning on a light switch, this divine Light eliminates the darkness. This divine Light is right NOW and always bringing Its healing Power, Its Light and Love to every cell of my body. It is healing me of all unhealthy cells, dissolving them as easily as the sunlight dissolves shadows. I claim and invite into my life and reality a perfect and complete Healing of the highest order. I welcome into my life any shifts that need to happen to allow the divine Light of Spirit into my physical form where it easily and effortlessly dissolves the unhealthy cells; where it easily supports my immune system and overall health as it dissolves all cells that are not part of my original blueprint as a divine human Being. 

This same divine Power directs medicine to the areas where it is needed, and can easily buffer any side effects. Because this is the same Power that holds our planets in orbit and holds our physical expressions in the same form day after day. And if this miraculous loving Presence can express so exquisitely and perfectly as galaxies and solar systems, and keep our planet in orbit and our days and nights in divine order to sustain us, then surely it can express just as beautifully in the cells of my body. It is inevitable that I am Whole, Perfect, and Complete in my true Essence, and I claim and accept that my physical body now reflects that. I claim that Peace fills my being, Healing fills my body, and Faith fills my Heart. All is in divine perfect Order. 

I am so filled with gratitude at knowing this Truth, and so perfectly assured that it is so in the Mind of the One that made us, that there is nothing left needed except to release my Word to the Law that always says YES! and let it unfold. In joyous acceptance of this Good, I let it Be.

And so it is.

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