Sunday, August 11, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Financial Freedom

Affirmative Prayer for Financial Freedom

There is one loving Spirit, the Giver of all of life. The nature of this Spirit is freedom and abundance. This great Giver of life is generous with all of Its creation. It is the source of all that exists and all needs are met through this loving Spirit. Every attribute of the  Divine One is infinitely available in every moment. There is nothing that can inhibit or block the generous flow of Life.

I am one with this Divine Spirit. Its nature is my nature.

Therefore I accept for myself a greater experience of financial freedom. I open to the fullness of the freedom, abundance and generosity that is the nature of Spirit within me. I release all resistance to the idea that the Universe is on my side, and I step into an new awareness of the good that is all around me. I am divinely guided into perfect right action in support of my well being and wealth. I am filled with enthusiasm and vitality when I remember the source of all of my good is at hand.

I give thanks for this remembrance of the truth and for the way it manifests in my life, fully and completely.

I let go of all ideas of burden or struggle and I trust that which has created me to move on my behalf in the direction of my intention.

And So It Is

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