Sunday, August 25, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Creativity

Affirmative Prayer for Creativity

There is one Power, It is the Creative Power of the universe and It gives Itself freely to all of life.This Power is infinite in Its ability to heal and make all things whole. It is the perfection of nature and the beauty of love. Its nature is peace, joy and grace. Its nature is harmony and connection.

All of life is infused with this Creative Power, so then, I too must be infused with this Creative Power.

As I am one with that which has created me, I accept for myself a greater experience of creativity in my life. I create freely a life of my dreams. I am an artist in all of my activities and in all of my relationships. The resolution to all discord springs to mind without effort. I allow myself to be guided into a more creative and vibrant way of living. I open to receive peace, joy, grace and harmony as I realize my connection with all of life. I accept this Good and so much more without hesitation.

I celbrate the living Spirit as it infuses Its Creative Power into my life.

I release this Word into the law and accept its full manifestaion.

And So It Is

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