Friday, August 2, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for Self-Acceptance

Affirmative Prayer for Self-Acceptance

There is One Life, One Power, One Presence, One Love. It is the Creative Power of the Living Spirit that guides all of existence into its most perfect expression. Its love is infinite; there is no  limit to the love of God. It is all-inclusive.

Therefor I am included-included in Its power and in Its Love.

I accept for myself a greater capacity for self-acceptance. I release all judgements and pressures  that appear to work against me and open to all loving thoughts about myself.
I let my heart be filled with love and peace. I make room for myself to expand and grow. I easily release any mistakes and move on to a greater expression through the wisdom of the Divine in me.
I accept myself. I treat myself with loving-kindness.
I am aware of the healing power of the Living Spirit within me to reveal a greater truth in my life, freely and automatically.  I align myself with this greater truth.

I give thanks for the power of this Word to reveal  my wholeness; the wholeness of God in me. I celebrate a joyful experience of self-acceptance.

I release this Word into the law trusting its complete manifestation.

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