Friday, October 18, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for the Jouney of Self Discovery

Affirmative Prayer for the Journey of Self Discovery
By Lynda Rapp, Student, Self-Mastery Fall 2013     


There is one God, one Spirit, one eternal, ever present, Life that is ALL.  
This Life flows through me, is revealed to me in exact proportion that I am willing for it to be revealed.  This Life flows through, in and around everything and everyone, everywhere.
This Life that flows through me is revealing to me everything that I am willing to know.  I am on a journey of SELF discovery and I am listening to the revelations that I need to know about myself in order to further journey.  I am mindful of my journey; ever open to newly revealed truths, patterns, beliefs, values and habits.  As these truths appear for me, I am patient and understanding with myself in relation to these discoveries.  I am calm and loving to myself on my journey of SELF discovery.  I peacefully let go of old, unwanted beliefs, truths and habits and I rest in the loving arms of GOD.

I am grateful for the desire to journey, the assistance that I have from books, teachers, meditation, study and self inquiry.  I am grateful for the uncovering of hidden and unhidden truths.  I am grateful for my mindfulness and my patience and understanding for myself as I journey though to my highest SELF.

And with these truths I hold them up and simply let them go, go into the Law.  I release these truths knowing that they will be reflected back to me in a way that is best for all involved.  Thine will not my will be done.
And so It Is.  Amen

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