Friday, October 11, 2013

Affirmative Prayer for a Good Night’s Sleep

Affirmative Prayer for a Good Night’s Sleep

There is one Mind, one Spirit, one body, the Mind, Spirit and body of God. This is the universal wholeness and the absolute peace. This is the ever-present good, the great sustainer of all of life.

I am one with this Mind, Spirit and body. My body and my mind are a part of the universal wholeness. The absolute peace of God lives in me. I am supported and sustained by that which has created me.

I accept that peace is my very nature. I declare that there is nothing that can take me away from this peace. I hereby release all stress and worry. I dismiss all thoughts and behaviors that are contrary to this perfect truth. And as I open to this compete acceptance of peace in me, I naturally sleep well and wake refreshed. I am comfortable, peaceful and content. I accept a good night’s sleep tonight and every night.

I give thanks for the power of this affirmative word to transform my experience. I rest assured that this will manifest in my life completely.

I release and trust it to be so.

And So It Is

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