Friday, April 18, 2014

Kindness, Authenticity, Forgiveness and Joy

Kindness, Authenticity, Forgiveness and Joy   by Tamarya Hulme

There is only one God, one heart, one source, one divine consciousness in and through all life. This divine Essence is forever expanding creating more of its Good. This glorious presence is the heartbeat of all worlds including planet Earth. It acknowledges all life and is a reservoir of creative intelligence and design. God is all that is known and everything not yet known. Alignment and expansion are the basis for more of this exquisite Good. God is all there is.

I am one with this loving heart of consciousness. My heartbeat is aligned and synced with this Goodness. It breathes me. It sweetly pulses as my energy signature. I am part of the whole that is always continuing to create more Life. Each moment I breathe in and note my connection to the Divine, I am empowered and directs towards more Good and right action.

I claim for myself the allowing to be who I really am. I accept my joyful nature and ability to be kind in all situations. I claim empowerment as it is my divine birthright to tap into the Good of God. I remember it is done unto me as I believe and I trust that it is so. As I am always unfolding into more of all of it I embody authenticity and realness. Every interaction is but a new opportunity to actualize who I want to be without reservation. I am carefree abandon. I love the feel of that and how the playful sense of joy underscores my life. I accept more forgiveness into my experiences and interactions with the world. I gently navigate the rocky terrain and hold to the truth that all is Love and trust in the divine design of creation and source energy. As a child of Spirit all is within my reach. How delicious is this!

I am so grateful and thankful of the awareness that these shifts are working in my life now. With full, full appreciation of knowing that truth demonstrated, I rejoice.

I speak my Word as the Word of Spirit and release it to the Law.  I believe this truth and accept its manifestation. And So It Is. Amen

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