Friday, April 4, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Peace in Relationship to Money

Affirmative Prayer for Peace in Relationship to Money by 
There is only one Life. It is God's Life, Full, Perfect, Complete. It is the Ground of All Being, holding all of life within Itself. It runs in and through all things, as all things. There is nowhere where It is not. This is the Infinity of Life, knowing no bounds. It is the ultimate Freedom, Love and Good of Life. It is everywhere present as Eternity Itself, as the Peace that surpasses all understanding.

I am one with this boundless Awareness of Beingness Itself. It runs in and through me as who and what I am. There is no separation, only one seamless flow if Life Force, God Presence in my life and through all life.

I accept this Truth as all that I am. I accept it into my conscious mind and unconscious mind. Knowing that all is well, I accept for myself a full healing and a revelation of wholeness and peace in my relationship with money as it manifests in my life.  I accept full love and peace deeply into my subconscious, penetrating through and into my full and entire money lineage and heritage, through all of my family money pattern inheritance, through to my grandparents, and their parents, continuing on, through and through. Love and more love is mine now for complete liberation in my own heart, body and mind of any and all limiting beliefs I have ever had or inherited, know or unknown, about money. I release money fear, money guilt and money shame, right here and now. I let Love rule. I am Love.

I accept Good into my money life and my whole life, fully, right here and now. I am courageous. I am dignified. I am empowered. I am living my life in harmony with Divinity. I am financially abundant and secure. I make money easily and effortlessly. Money comes to me naturally and I freely let it in with joy, acceptance and gratitude. I am supported by Divinity. And I let Divinity support me with love and kindness. I surrender all of my actions into the heart of Divinity, knowing that it is Divinity that acts through me. I say yes!

In gratitude, I accept this Good and the shift of consciousness that is embodying in me now for the complete and full manifestation of this Word and its Good.

I let it be so. 

And so it is.

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