Saturday, June 7, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Spiritual Practice

Affirmative Prayer for Spiritual Practice by Tamarya Hulme

There is only one God, one heart, one source, one divine consciousness that lights the way. God is the generosity and abundance and the source of harmony, peace, and perfect love found in all things. God is all that expresses perfectly in nature. Evidence presents itself in the glorious change of seasons and in the gift of birdsong. God is the cause through which all thought forms. God is all we know and everything we do not yet know. God is all there is.

I am one with this loving heart of consciousness. I discover beauty in all things of the natural world, all creatures and humans and inside myself. I reflect the same inner God qualities of nature and of human nature. I know that even my imperfections are part of my divine being and these imperfections offer opportunities for growth and greater love. As God IS moral rightness and spiritual rightness and the basis for integrity, the God part of me is too. I am an individualized expression of God drawing clarity, harmony, wisdom and love from the One divine universal mind.

I accept that I too, like Spirit, dream reality into being. I claim for myself the joy of living and being with all aspects of myself. I declare and accept the truth that my strength of faith is built upon daily practice and remembering who I really am. I also claim for myself the freedom to choose empowerment which is my divine right. My choices made through right thoughts of peace, happiness and harmony are already in the form of a loving heart and mind. Right thought, right action and right livelihood are already mine. I practice this awareness and set in motion the accountability for the outcomes of choices made. I release my hold on expected outcomes of others and love them just as they are. The loving relationship that blossoms between myself and others is a beautiful thing to behold. Truth and Love are demonstrated for my highest greatest good. I express composure and grace with eloquence with feelings of trust and worthiness. I am enough.  I am connected to the source of all of it.

I am so grateful and thankful of the awareness that these shifts are working in my
Life now. With ease and trust I simply let it be.

I speak my word and release it to the activity of the One mind known as the Law.  I believe this truth and accept its manifestation. And So It Is. Amen

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