Saturday, May 31, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Clarity

Affirmative Prayer for Clarity

There is One Mind, One First Cause, One Source. There are many names used to refer to this One: Spirit, Divine Presence, Tao, Source Energy, God.

I am a focal point in the mind of God. God is expressing and experiencing life as the physical form that I am embodying right here and now. I know this to be true for me and for everyone and everything.

In this now moment, and in every now moment, I embrace the clarity of the mind that is God. I focus my Consciousness within, tapping into the Divine Wisdom that is always present. I listen with my heart open. I allow this Inner Knowing to guide me with the next step to accomplish my heart’s desire. My way is easy and sure with my trust in this clarity.

I am so grateful for this ever-present connection to God! It is pure joy to have an inner guidance system that is all-knowing. My life is blessed through the divine right action that is communicated to me.

With complete faith in the Conscious Knowing that I am, I release my truth into the Law of Mind. My clarity in life is always available and I rejoice in using it.

And so it is!

Suzanne Sackett, RScP

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