Saturday, August 30, 2014

I release all negative self-judgment

I release all negative self-judgment

There is just One Life. It is the original Source of everything in existence. This One is the energy of Good, of perfect Intelligence, and unending Love. It is the Power to do and be according to the deepest longing of Life for life.This Power and Intelligence and Love is everywhere, available at any time with It's complete Presence for every person, every condition and every need.

I am birthed in this One Life. I have my being and life contained within It. The Power and Love and Intelligence of this One is in me now and always. It is my Source, my Intelligent guidance to do and be the deepest longing within me.

Therefore, I claim and accept a great self-love. I recognize myself as divinely made, deeply loved and created for a 'uniquely mine', divine purpose. I know this longing within myself and I allow it to have expression in my life. I release every thought that opposes this pure beauty and power and intelligence within me, knowing they have no real existence. I remember to remember how blessed and wanted I am. I claim my divinity in every moment that I am tempted to forget and bring my full 'God -Self' awareness to every thought of myself. I love and cherish myself and am grateful for all that I am.

I give great thanksgiving at the knowing of this truth. It permeates into all levels of my consciousness and being.

In releasing my word into the perfect law, I have complete trust that it returns to me in perfect realization. 

And so it is. Amen.

Trish Watkins

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  1. Thank you. Beautiful, powerful, perfectly expressed.