Saturday, August 23, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for Success in Business

Affirmative Prayer for Success in Business

There is one Life. One infinite Being. One invisible sparkling Presence that is in, around, and through me. Just as the stars are present even though they are invisible during daylight, the one eternal Being is here now. I call it God, I call it Spirit, I call it Life itself. It is that invisible infinite Presence that created me, that created everything that exists, and so much more. This Infinite Presence is the Source, the Substance, and the Supply of everything in form. Its Nature is Abundance and constant givingness of Itself to Itself as each one of us. Every moment, all the time.

Because it is all that there is, I am made of that Presence. I move through It and It moves through me. Its Abundance is my abundance. Its Light is my light. Its Nature is my nature. Its givingness is my givingness. It circulates in me, through, me, and as me.

I now remember that it is always giving, and I open myself to all that Spirit offers me. I reflect Its nature in my being. I throw wide the doors of my mind and heart to dissolve any blockage there. I open the mental doors of my business to welcome clients and customers into my business. People who benefit from what I offer, whose lives are enriched, and who feel that they got a great deal for my products and services. I give my gifts to those who appreciate and enjoy them, and they reward me with dollars so that I may continue to give what Spirit offers through me. I rejoice in the blessings I receive from the One and that others receive from the One through me. I accept the flow and buoyancy of the Current, which brings me currency and my clients/customers great benefit.

I celebrate this Truth, delighting that inn so knowing, it is done in the mind of God.I release my Word to the Law that always says YES, and has already said a big Yes. I simply step back and let it unfold and let it be.

And so it is.

Naava Dewey, RScP

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