Saturday, August 16, 2014

Affirmative Prayer for the Courage to be Honest

Affirmative Prayer for the Courage to be Honest

There is only one glorious life, the creator and its creation. This one life is in and through all that is known and also all that is not yet known. Spirit is all there is. Truth, Beauty and Love exemplify this one source. In the natural world examples of this beauty abound. Everywhere present is the breeze, the warmth of the sun and the sweet hymns of birdsong. Rioting in gorgeous colors, the sunrise and sunset provides further examples of the true and honest beauty of the one all-inclusive vibration. Spirit is all there is.

I am a part of this truth and beauty. I breathe it and it breathes me. I pause and take in the colors and the sweet air of life. I cannot be separate from it or it from me. I know with surety that I am not outside of all of the glorious good.

I claim the truth as mine. I need not fear it. My courage to walk and stand in truth is buoyed by my daily practice and connection to Spirit. All is indeed well and that includes me. I am enough just as I am – I need not make ‘more’ of myself to receive the approval of others. Kindness is mine too. I can walk in truth and honesty and share the path with kindness and compassion. My best and highest self sees and feels and knows what is really so. Speaking my word truthfully and honestly allows personal and relational development. I accept that my heart and mind and body are an extension of the Divine. This is the basis for speaking my word honestly and non-judgmentally. Trust replaces fear and anxiety. Peace soothes me and wraps me in a warm blanket of worthiness. All is well.

I appreciate the shift I feel at this moment. Assuredness is the sweet gift of faith.

I release my word unto the Law of Mind, allowing its works to unfold before me.


by Tamarya Hulme

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