Saturday, February 21, 2015

Affirmative Prayer Ease, Relief and Wholeness

Ease, Relief and Wholeness

There is only one God, one infinite Presence. It is the Presence of the perfect loving Spirit that is everywhere present, all of the time. It is all that is known and also the mystery yet to be known. This Presence is the giver and sustainer of all life. It is wholeness, strength, truth and acceptance of all Good. 

I am connected to this Presence that infills all life. It infills me. This powerful and loving Presence resides at the core of my being and radiates outward. It beats my heart and pulses in my veins. As the Universe is all that is, I too, embody the all-in-all where everything is possible. Spirit’s nature is my nature. Spirit’s love is my love. 

I claim for myself the truth that the wholeness of Life has always been right where I am.  I accept for myself who I really am as an embodiment of the Divine right now in this present moment. I declare that vibrant health, gratitude and peace well up from me. Peaceful sleep free from discomfort is my truth. Every cell, muscle and organ in my body is of Spirit and knows how to have restful sleep. I know for myself that the source of comfort, ease and perfect body is this loving Presence unfolding at this very minute. In a Universe that is always for me wanting only my good, I consciously identify with wholeness, strength and vitality. I claim the truth of my ease and comfort as I move through my daily activities with mindful grace. I claim now for myself freedom from pain and interrupted sleep. 

I celebrate this treatment. In calm confidence and abiding faith I rest in deep appreciation. With love in my heart of knowing that truth demonstrated, I rejoice. 

I speak this Word as the Word of Spirit and release it to the Law. The Law always responds in the affirmative. I believe this truth and accept its manifestation. 

And So It Is. Amen 

Tamarya Hulme
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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