Saturday, July 18, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Deep Connection to Spirit

Breathing in, I know that there is only one Life, one Presence, one Mind flowing in and through everything.  Breathing out, I know this presence is the source of all that is – all love, all light, all wisdom, all compassion, all creativity, all peace, all joy.  It has no beginning and no end; It is eternal, limitless and everywhere present.  It is the Infinite Intelligence that gives rise to all creation, and all creation is made of, from and by this Divine Presence.

My very breath is the Presence within me, flowing in and through my body, permeating and connecting each cell, organ and system, and flowing out into the atmosphere, connecting me to the world of my experience.   As I wrap myself in this knowing, I breathe in the love, I breathe out the love.  I breathe in the peace, I breathe out the peace.  I breathe in the joy, creativity and abundance.  I breathe it out, and know that there is no separation at any point nor at any time.  There is only oneness and I am a part of it!

I remember and declare that Infinite Love, Infinite Well Being and Infinite Abundance are my true nature, my true experience, the only reality.  I accept, in complete certainty, the truth of God: there is only love, wholeness and perfection.  I allow any mistaken thought of lack, limitation or dis-ease to melt away as shadows melt away in the bright light of day.  The bright light of Truth is that I am a spark of the Divine and a beautiful, unique expression of the love, well being and abundance of Its divinity.  I allow my experience to reflect perfect happiness, perfect abundance, perfect well-being.  Everything good is brought into my experience.

With a heart full of gratitude and love, I give thanks for this truth and for my ever-growing awareness of its out-picturing in my life. 

I release my Word into the law of the Universe and let God do God’s work.  And so it is.

Helen Graves
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa

#aworldthatworksforeveryone  #theglobalvision

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