Saturday, July 25, 2015

For the Love of Spirit

Purpose:  To fuel the fire of love that I have for Spirit.  To experience the presence of Presence.

Realization:  Spirit is all there is.  One essence, One substance, many forms yet undivided, Spirit is all.  This divine essence of this great All is Love.  Perfect Love, passionate Love, creative Love, unconditional and undivided Love.  Spirit is the Presence that brings life and love to all that is.

Unification:  I am the essence of Love, created by the One for Its divine mission of expressing and experiencing Its own perfect Love.  I am Spirit in one of Its many forms.  Spirit abides within me, always as the perfect eternal Love that It is.  The Presence of Spirit is here as me.

Recognition: I recognize Spirit as my creator and the Lover of my soul. As I remember and recognize this divine truth, my heart expands and I feel the Presence of Love that lives within me.  I embrace this Love and know that I am embraced by It.  Perfect Love, passionate Love, creative and unconditional Love are mine because Spirit has given Itself to me.  Spirit has withheld nothing from me.  All that Spirit is, Spirit gives.  The Presence of Spirit makes Itself know to me.  I open the eyes of my soul and look for this divine unseen and find It alive, always present within me.  My heart expands, my love expands, I experience the divine Love of Spirit in me, through me and as me.

Thanksgiving:  The realization of this great Love fills my heart with gratitude, and I rest in this divine embrace as I......

Release:  release my word into the loving, Self-giving creative action of the perfect Law of Love.  Amen

Sherry Vierra
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa

#aworldthatworksforeveryone  #theglobalvision

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