Saturday, September 12, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Parents and Families with Special Children

For Parents and Families with Special Children

With deep gratitude I recognize the One, Father-Mother-God, the womb of all creation. This one loving Presence sustains, lifts up, weaves all into Its sacred Wholeness. This One Heart, this Divine Pulse of love knows Itself in, around and through All, eternally giving itself to Creation. It moves the invisible into and out of form, It transforms, creating anew in each moment. This powerful movement of Consciousness celebrates all awakening to Itself, everywhere present.  It gathers all into Its embrace, cherishing, leaving nothing out.

This is what I am made of. I am an instrument of the Divine, a vessel of Divine Substance, created on purpose, a child of God. As this is true for me this is true for every parent and every child, reflecting Mother-Father-God’s devotion and love for Creation, embodying the Divine Relationship. Each is a vessel and instrument of the One, with invisible yet palpable tendrils of love and compassion weaving all aspects of this Universe into Its Wholeness.  There is no place where one part of this Whole ends and the next aspect begins. All beingness unfolds seamlessly, is whole, perfect and complete within the heart and consciousness of the Beloved.

From this awareness I speak my word for and about all parents and children, recognizing those dear ones that come through us with special needs and gifts. I honor the Sacred within these relationships, hearts breaking open to a greater experience of love and compassion, while navigating unexpected and uncharted paths. There is a growing trust and confidence in the wisdom of the heart.
I welcome a surrender and release of any unhelpful, thought, idea or belief. I remember that we are all here on purpose, by Divine appointment, unfolding in perfect right relationship.   I accept a greater experience of ease, calm, and even humor, when others offer unsought, and possibly uninformed parental advice and  judgments.  

I claim for these families a deepening experience  of being at Home in the Beloved in the midst of all condition, situation and circumstance, being lifted up by that which sustains even when the cup appears empty. Compassion is given and received. Parents are more forgiving and kinder to themselves.  I accept a growing demonstration of support and guidance for parents and families of special children. For these special parents I claim a willingness to receive self-care, respite, joy and laughter---allowing it to express more fully in the daily fabric of life.  I declare an opening for like-minded parents and families to meet and support one another, allow themselves to rest, play and share from the heart, lifting each other up. 

I am grateful for knowing this Truth. With absolute trust in the power of prayer, it is known and done.   And so it is.

Amada Colt RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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