Saturday, September 5, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Financial Stability

Affirmative Prayer for Financial Stability

There is one unifying Life Force, one Creative Power that lives at the heart of all of Life. It is abundant, It is generous. It is the great Giver of Life. This Life Force is infinite in Its reach and eternal in Its nature. It reaches into every life, giving Its gifts fully to all.

I am a part of this one Life and this Life Force, this Creative Power is present fully in my life. I am one with the abundance and generosity of Life Itself.

I accept for myself complete financial stability. I enter into the awareness that the one Life Force, the one Creative Power is fully active in me and is acting though me. I open to accept the gift of 
abundance that is given so freely and so generously to me by that which has created me. I cooperate with the natural laws of the universe as I train my mind to see the good in everything and everyone. When I am conscious of this good, I become naturally wealthy. The riches of life are mine to claim. I take action where action is needed, and I rest in the faith that my life is unfolding perfectly. The abundance of the Universe is mine to enjoy.

I celebrate this truth about my life, accepting financial stability as my new normal.

I release this Word into the Creative Medium that returns the most positive results.

And So It Is
Diane Tapogna, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

#AWorldThatWorksforEveryone #AGlobalVision

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