Saturday, October 17, 2015

Affirmative Prayer for Being Open to Good

Mother Father God, the Source of all beingness, always acting on behalf of all that is. This everywhere present vibration of Love creates anew in each moment. Nothing is outside of it, All is enfolded in Its Divine Embrace.

It naturally follows that I am made of this God Stuff, it is the Source of my existence. I am inseparable from this Infinite Love that abides within around and as me; I am an individual expression of It. I am abundantly sustained, comforted, lifted up and inspired through Its inherent presence. As a child of God there is no place I end and the rest of Life and Good begins.

From this awareness, in the midst of whatever is “up” for me, I claim an expansiveness that reaches out in reverence and joy at the center of however Life shows up. I open to this palpable creative Presence to carry and guide me through each moment. I slow down to savor the moment, and allow the Good that wants to come through me. I recognize a growing ease, compassion and understanding in Life’s situations, conditions and circumstances. I am guided to what is mine to do. I more easily release attachment to outcome, trusting in the Universe with Its Infinite Intelligence and Potential to unfold in creative life affirming ways---for the Highest Good in my life , loved ones, and in the lives of All that I pray for and about.

 I am so blessed and grateful in this knowing, remembering this Spiritual Truth for and about myself, all beings and every aspect of this One Life.

I rest in the Beloved’s Embrace, where my word, this prayer, is already known and done in the heart and mind of God. And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living


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