Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Prayer for New Life

A Prayer for New Life

The pulse of this universe continues eternally, and its breath is my breath now.  This pulsation reminds me that there is something at work here beyond full comprehension; its powerful creative process timelessly continues one heartbeat at a time.   

I include in this prayer all new life as it emerges from this creative mystery, its elements made of recycled star dust, billions of years in the making.  New life emerging one cell division at a time follows the pattern of the universe, radiant, beautiful, intelligent, and perfect.  Each cell smiles with this new life as it continues to grow.

The miracle of this life with all its complexity and appearances, reminds me to see the real joy, awe, and amazement that is here in every situation.  This new life holds the hope and promise of the future; it comes preprogramed to have infinite possibilities, well equipped to face the challenges of its lifetime.  And as life begins over and over again, this miracle that creates unique expressions of its divine self, rejoices in its unique creations, each one perfect as is.

Affirming all is well, I bless this time of incubation where hearts beat in unison, in love, and expectancy, awaiting the greater yet to be.  This prayer goes out to all new life infusing it with peace, harmony, love, and joy.   And all those that nurture this life are blessed by its loving expression.

Letting go and releasing this word of prayer, I relax in great faith that the laws of the universe are already working to make it so perfectly.

Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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