Saturday, November 14, 2015


Treatment for Forgiveness…

One.  One Life, One Mind, One perfection, in, through and as all Life.  This One is the eternal presence of peace, kindness, and love.  All of life springs forth from this One for it is both Creator and all of Creation. 

I am a divine expression of this One in form.  All the aspects of the Divine are alive within me, as me and express through my being now and always.

As I remember this truth I open to a place of self-forgiveness.  I release all ideas of wrong doing, less than, or incompleteness.  By means of this prayer, I remember that I can never be separated from my Good, my God.  I affirm I am always supported and supplied by a loving presence that knows only my highest good, even when I forget.  I claim the qualities of clarity, wholeness, ease, balance, calm, compassion and love for I know they are my birthright as an expression of God.  I declare a return to a vibrant state of being that expresses peace, kindness and love in all thought and all activity.

It is from a deep place of gratitude that I give thanks for this shift in consciousness.

I release this my word, unto the Law of Mind knowing it is received and acted upon immediately.  For this or something even greater is being demonstrated in my life right now.  All is well. 
And so it is.

Susan Robinson, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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