Saturday, January 9, 2016

A World That Works for Everyone

A World That Works for Everyone

Harmony and Abundance. Joy and Power. Unlimited Life and Love. This is the First Cause, the Universal Creative flow, the Intelligence behind all that is or ever will be. It shows Itself as compassion, kindness, supply and sustenance, support and ideas. It is unlimited in Its surplus and It is available to all without reservation. It is Spirit, the Great I AM, the Love above all loves, and it is always flowing and working on the behalf of all creation.

I am one with this great Love. I am a unique expression of this great Life. It is working through me and as me. There is no separation between me and this Beloved at any time. As this is true for me, this is true for all of us. We embody the nature of the Divine. Each one on this planet is a creative expression of Its Divine Intelligence. Each breath and every action is drenched in the flow of Creative Power. There is no beginning or ending to the expression of good from Spirit. This Spirit is intimately one with Its creation, with every living being.

Therefore, I know and affirm that we are in Its world on purpose, not by accident, and It is working through each of us everywhere. I claim that all of us understand this afresh. We see and know without a doubt that if we are here, all support that is needed is also here. There is no place on this planet where Spirit does not exist, and each person has equal freedom to safely ask for what they need and desire. I affirm that oneness on this planet is understood in a greater way. Leaders and citizens bridge the gap by seeing each other as one—all of us making life better for the greater good. I accept now for our world that each person listens with their ears as well as their hearts to those before them, thereby witnessing the presence of the Divine that is in us all. By this, we all create a space in which love and kindness thrives and where first responses are mindful, and there is consideration for all life in this world.

I give great thanks now for the truth that we live in a world that absolutely works for everyone.

And I release my word, for and about this world and all of its inhabitants, into the Creative Law knowing in faith that It has already responded with a resounding yes.

And so it is.

Sue Robson, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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