Saturday, March 5, 2016

Living According to Spiritual Truth

We see a world where people live according to spiritual truth

There is one Source, one creative Goodness, one energetic Song which we call by many names. Whether we name it God, Goddess, The Beloved, or Spirit, any name is too small for the Infinite. This Spirit delights in re-creating Itself endlessly, going from the unformed to the formed with no limit. This Spirit is every note and every rhythm in the universe. It is the silence and the symphony. It is a glorious song of love without conditions or end.

Spirit’s song of creation is all there is, therefore I must be made of this melody. I must be part of the great rhythm of life. As this is true of me, it is true of everyone everywhere. There is only the One expressed in a myriad of ways.

I speak my word now for the harmony that is revealed when each being lives in alignment with the truth of their souls. I claim the remembering of who we really are. In this remembering we are guided by inner wisdom that knows what is right, that knows what love is. There is no separation, no us and them, no other. So knowing this, I claim a world in which all beings remember and act in alignment with spiritual truth, guided by love. The song of the universe sings through our actions, and good and only good results.

I give thanks for this glorious, harmonious truth. I remember that our nature is love and this is what awakens us to acting from that nature. Love is being expressed by souls at peace with themselves, so there is much to be grateful for.

Trusting the universal law that states that as we believe, so shall it be, I turn it over to be made manifest in the world we live in—love manifest in glorious, miraculous ways.

And so it is.

Venus Maher, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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  1. Beautiful! What a great way to start my morning