Saturday, March 19, 2016

Living a Life of Spiritual Truth

We see a world where people live according to spiritual truth

There is one creative, indwelling Source of all that is. It is the source of all unity, love, beauty, peace, and joy. It is the Cosmic Consciousness back of all things. It is whole, timeless, changeless, eternal, and sustaining. It is Life Itself, and it is Good.

I am one with this Source. It is alive in me and as me. The good that is Spirit is the good that I am. Beauty, peace, joy, universal intelligence, wholeness, and love are the truth of my being. This is true for all that is. All creatures great and small, all beings everywhere, are part of this same universal oneness which I call Spirit. It is our nature and our essence; it is simply the truth of who we are.

I accept for all beings everywhere a deeper realization of our innate divinity—the spiritual truth of our being. Right where we are, just as we are, all things are possible. We are guided and inspired by something greater than we can understand, and yet deep within each one of us is the remembrance of our connection with the One. I embrace a world in which each of us lives according to this remembrance, that our choices and activities are inspired by the awareness of who we are, of all that we are. Where the awareness of peace is, there is peace. Where there is the awareness of joy, there is joy. Where there is the awareness of the one, all-sustaining source acting in, through, and as each one of us, we reveal a world that works for everyone.

Gratitude fills me as I receive the gift of this demonstration through the action of the Law.

I release my Word in complete faith and acceptance. Now is the time.

And so it is.

Lili Escovedo, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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