Saturday, May 7, 2016

Creative Power

We see a world where humanity rediscovers personal creative power

There is One Source, One Creative Power, One Infinite Intelligence, One Power for Good, One Spirit, an Infinite Divine Presence that is the only power and presence in the universe. There is nothing outside of It, nothing separate from It, nothing in opposition to It. It creates all, includes all, loves all, sustains all, and empowers all. It knows only good and It knows no lack nor limitation.

I am one with this Infinite and powerful Presence. It created me, guides me, sustains me, and empowers me in every moment to express the truth of my being—I am Spirit in full expression. Spirit knows who I am and reminds me that I am Spirit too; one with the One. I know this same truth for and about every single member of humanity. We are all one in Spirit, all guided, directed, and empowered by the One. Spirit knows our function in the world and guides each of us on our path to wholeness and full expression of our truth.

As each of us wakes up to this awareness of who we are, guided by the One, we rediscover our personal creative power—the individualized expression of the One Creative Power. As each one wakes up, there is healing on a personal level and a planetary level. We are healing ourselves and healing the world through finding our true selves as Spirit. We are bringing to ourselves and the world greater peace, wholeness, and personal satisfaction by finding our creative power within.

I celebrate this movement in consciousness that is taking place for myself and for all of humanity. I am so grateful for knowing that Spirit is guiding me and each one of us in this process and that we cannot fail.

I release this word to the Infinite Powerful Creative One and know that it is already so.
And so it is.

Brenda Kobrin, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
#AGlobalVision  #aworldthatworksforeveryone

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