Saturday, August 13, 2016

Spiritual Guidance

There is a natural pattern of divine perfection guiding and informing all of Life. It is the wisdom and intelligence of the Living Spirit forever giving Its light to all of creation.

We each are a recipient of the spiritual intelligence that expresses in the perfection of life, of the profound wisdom of the ages. The intelligence and wisdom of the Loving Spirit is our deepest intuition and our guiding light. This guidance comes easily and naturally to all beings everywhere. True intuition is the voice of Spirit within.

I accept that we, as a spiritual community, and I as a spiritual being, step into a greater alignment with this flow of spiritual guidance. I am naturally attracted to all choices that bring me to living in the flow of goodness. I take time to slow down and tune into the wisdom that is available to me from within me and from all around me. I am open and receptive to that which has heart and soul meaning for me and for others around me. I listen well. I respond wholeheartedly. I am guided to perfect right action by the spiritual guidance available to me.

I give thanks for this greater realization of the perfect pattern of Life that guides me to contribute as I value spiritual guidance in all of its forms.

I release this Word into the creative medium that responds fully and completely.

And so it is.

Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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