Saturday, August 6, 2016

Stillness and Peace

To know in the stillness of the presence of the One.  I am filled with peace and calm

God is all there is. Wondrous and whole, God-Spirit is everywhere. God-Spirit created and sustains all the wonders of the world. All around, ever-present, God breathes life into being for the beauty and good of all. God is the creator and sustainer of still waters, deep green forests and the quiet sweetness of dawn. There is simply no place that God is not. God is the source of all there is.

I am one with God - fully united with the depth and power and beauty of life. I am loving and filled with trust in God and life. As nature puts on her summer dress, I too don my summer gown of natural beauty trusting in the way that life will unfurl. As I sit with Spirit I know I do not need to have all the answers right at this moment. I can trust in the mystery and allow myself to be guided by that part of the Divine residing inside me at all times. I can rest assured that the right thing will happen at the right time.

Life is beautiful. I claim for myself the ‘remembering’ that I find peace in the heart of God. I accept and know that this peace is always present offering the knowledge, wholeness and beauty of life through prayer and affirmation of the one life. I live in the present moment with God by my side, trusting in my well-being and the well-being of my family and friends through this time of transition. I love unconditionally and trust that all will be fine as I travel my own path making my own decisions. I accept that I let go of any attempted control of family members knowing they will find their own way in their own time. I delight in the time we spend together and they all experience a timeless and eternal love.

Joy and acceptance sings in my heart as I give thanks for this shift and knowing. I celebrate this gift.

I surrender my word into the Law that always says YES and know that everything is as it should be. I release it and let go. And so it is.

Tamarya Hulme, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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