Sunday, November 20, 2016

Affirmative Prayer about Wholeness

An Affirmative Prayer about Wholeness

There is a higher Power; it is the highest Power, the Creator of the Universe. This higher Power is eternal; it’s an infinite Source of energy; a creative energy that flows through all Its creations.  It is intelligence, infinite wisdom, and eternal love. This Power is perfection; this Power is God.  It created all matter, the stars and planets, water, food, and all life on earth.  It is the Father and Mother of all men and women. It is the Spirit of love.

This loving Spirit is omnipresent. Its physical form is the Universe.  It is Nature Itself.  It is my own Self, my body, my mind, my love.  I am the undeniable truth of Its existence and the proclamation of Its omnipresence. My life is the testimony of the Almighty, and this is the Truth!  This Truth reaches everyone; they are part of the one infinite Source of energy. Everyone: their mom, their sister, their dad, and their friends are blessed with It because everyone is part of It. It moves and flows through every one of us.  I realize and know that in our essence we are one with God.  So, I declare that our essence is perfection and our love is eternal.

This perfect Essence flows freely on earth, through every being; woman, and man, old and young, black and white, tall and short. It has no borders and It never will. It flows in the United States of America and every person in America is a perfect manifestation of the Spirit.  The Spirit creates, the Spirit innovates, the Spirit discovers, the Spirit loves.  It manifests Itself as wisdom in people and leaders.  The Spirit is perfect, and it makes no mistakes.  Our awareness of It evolves and improves perpetually.  Its power is love.  And I declare that love is the Power that unifies everyone. Love is the power that forgives. Love is the key that elevates our consciousness and awareness of the truth.

The wisdom and truth of this express in me as joyful appreciation for the life we share with our friends, families, loved ones, and with those we have yet to meet.

So, I release this word to the Law of Mind, and it reaches everyone and everything which is part of the Wholeness we call God.   And so it is.

Carlos Mendoza
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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