Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Prayer for Planet Earth

There is one Source, one Power, that has created and sustains Its one endless creation, the All-In-All, world without end. It is Beauty beyond belief, everlasting Life, one Light of Love.

As a living, breathing, sentient being, I am an extension of the One. I am created, sustained and loved by the One. I am of It, made out of It, one with It and one with all of creation. This is true for all other beings that inhabit this wonderful world, and all others. We are one with our creator, and one with each other.

From this place of oneness, I speak my word for this world, our planet earth. I claim for each being an opening to our earth's wonder and riches and appreciation of the grandeur and beauty that surrounds us in each moment. I claim a recognition within each person of the great honor of being caretakers of this incredible creation, our planet earth. I claim a humbling of hearts as we gently, with loving care, nurture and love our home. We recognize, too, that there are overflowing resources to be shared by all. We are the docents of the breathtaking beauty and wealth of our wonderful world. We love it. We share it.

With an open heart full of joy and gratitude, I give thanks for this knowing.

I release my word into that creative medium that has already responded and is making manifest these words.

And so it is.

Vicki Dodson, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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