Saturday, November 26, 2016

One Human Family

There is one human family that shares this planet.  Although each human is unique, we share the same divine essence of Spirit.  This brilliant, creative intelligence, many call God, exists everywhere in full measure.  It works in mysterious and beautiful ways to move life toward its greatest expression.  The essence of Spirit is love, and its direction is freedom of expression.  Life is filled with evidence of God’s grace on this planet, from the beauty and power of the seasons, to the spontaneous smile of a baby. 

Just as this brilliant intelligence is everywhere present, it therefore expresses as me and each member of this human family.  Each of us linked together yet sometimes very different in temperament, personality, and life choices.

Thus, this word of prayer is intended to support family life in all of its activities and endeavors.  Taking care of the inner conversation that is stimulated by family members, thoughts can be directed to more gentle ways of viewing ourselves and situations.  Remembering to lean into the flow of spirit as it takes care of all life; there is a sense of calm and well-being that evolves.  And remembering that everyone has this divine wisdom guiding and supporting them and each can live their own life accordingly, I am grateful to relax knowing that all it well.

Glad that family creates bonds of acceptance, forgiveness, and caring, allowing each member to be exactly who they are,

 I release this prayer now to that spiritual activity that has worked out all the details perfectly.  

And so it is. Amen

Andra Sandberg, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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