Saturday, January 28, 2017


Where humanity awakens to spiritual magnificence –

 All the power there is, all the love there is, all the wisdom there is – is here and now. It is always here now, for the presence of the Divine lives within and beyond space and time. Call it God, Spirit, Divine Intelligence; by whatever name, it is that limitless source of all, which lives without end, without limit.

 This magnificent Presence has brought forth all that is, expressing in and through every life with it’s grace and light. Spirit is unfolding, opening, blossoming, expressing as life itself. All of creation is a part of this grand dance of joy, of this song of Spirit.

 We are made of this divine stuff! Every life, every person has been brought forth from this infinite Source of wisdom and light; expressing all that Spirit is. God is the heart and soul of each one of us, moving through us, as us. We are the song that God sings, we are the blossoming of Spirit’s love and wisdom. This is our very life, our very breath.

 In this awareness I speak my word for and about all people. I affirm that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience and that we are opening into a greater awareness of this Truth. I declare that we are here on purpose and on time, to be the place where God shows up on this earth, discovering the Truth of who and what we are in God.

Spirit moves through us, inspiring and awakening humanity to our spiritual magnificence. As the human gives way to this Divine urge, which calls from within, humanity opens into the unlimited light of which we are made.

We are the love and power of Spirit made manifest. We are the blossoming of Spirit, knowing itself; in all of its wisdom and glory. Individually and collectively humanity awakens to the highest and greatest that lives within us. What a blessing and a miracle IT is!

 My heart is filled with joy and gratitude in this realization of truth! My cup “runneth over” in the bounty of Gods grace and I am filled with a deep appreciation for this awareness.

So I release my Word with faith and trust into the spiritual law, which always responds and gives back to overflowing. I just let go and watch as miracles occur.

And so it is.

Angel Fiorito, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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