Saturday, May 13, 2017

Feeling of Connection with Mom

Feeling of Connection with mom

There is a oneness that connects all of creation. This oneness this is love. Love is all there is. It is ever present, always enveloping everything, flowing through every plant, animal.... all there is. The essence of all of creation is infinite, unconditional, complete and total love.

I am a part of this love, connected in every way. This love runs through my veins. It is my breath and it is what breathes me. I live within the container of this deep, unconditional, ever present love. It is me. I am love.

I claim a deeper recognition of the connection I have with Mom. I feel her love every moment. I know she's always nurturing, cherishing, caring for and guiding me, ALWAYS, every moment, awake and asleep. I claim a deeper recognition of that love and support no matter where I am or what I'm doing. I feel her closeness, just as I did when I talked to her every day on my way into school. I know she is now as close as my breath, always. I can feel her in the morning sun, I can see her in the sky above. I can hear her in the gentle breeze. She is always, in all ways with me. She knows and guides my thoughts and actions. She is totally connected with me always as me. She is me.

I am so deeply grateful for this deep understanding of my complete connection with Mom, for knowing that she is always with me fully and completely!

I release this word into the Law knowing that it is true and done.

Krista McAtee
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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