Saturday, May 6, 2017

Love in Relationship

Love in Relationship

Resting in the Presence of Life, I let go. I let go into the Benevolence of Life that holds all things, that embraces all things and that has made everything out of Itself. Living and breathing in all things, It is the Source, the breath of life, the Ground of All Being. There’s no place that this Presence is not, and It is good. It is the Universal Life Force Energy, the reservoir of Infinite Divine Love. Knowing this, I know It has no bounds. It feels like love. It feels like Presence. It is Grace.

This Beingness is the very Breath of my breath, the Life of my life. It is All that I am. I am one with that Infinite Love. It is one with me. Knowing that this is my truth, I know this is the truth for my relationship. It this same essence of Life Itself, of pure Grace that is living and breathing in and through me and my partner as the Core and Source of what we are. We are One with this Benevolence of Life. It beats our hearts and breathes our breath. It is the Intimate of the most intimate, in and through all that we are. Each of us are One with this Universal Life Force Energy.

In this recognition, I know that we are brought together by Grace Itself. We are held in the field of Divine Love within the Benevolence of Life. This Reservoir of Divine Love Itself is guiding us, holding us, protecting us.  I know for us beauty and perfection unfolding through both of us in support of our highest good manifesting in our lives. I know that our vision of softness, depth and peace is unfurling through us, filling our relationship with Good, Truth, Beauty, and Love. I accept for us the deepening of each of us in our own heart and our own mind and our own being, allowing us to step into who we truly want to be. I accept for us the highest vision of what is possible in each of us and in our relationship together. I accept this for us in a way that our lives are fulfilled beyond our wildest dreams, that our highest hopes and ambitions on the inner and outer are manifest for us within our own self and in our relationship. I accept this good for us deeply and thoroughly, manifest in a myriad of beautiful ways, in deep fulfillment and love. 

Reveling in the beauty and grace of Life, I celebrate this good, knowing that Infinite Life knows what It's doing, for this good and so much more. And I simply let it be so.
And so it is. Amen.

Lauren Darges, RScP
Center for Spiriutal Living, Santa Rosa

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