Saturday, July 22, 2017

Prayer for Sobriety

Prayer for Sobriety

Creation exists through the love and will of God. There is nothing
outside of It. The Divine is the source and sustainer of all that is
known and unknown, seen and unseen. God is everywhere present in all
worlds, all universes, in all dimensions and planes of existence. God
is the formed and unformed divine substance of being. God is right
here and now in this moment and always, giving infinite, boundless
love and light to all life.

I am made from and through God's boundless love. I am a child of God.
This divine presence lives in every aspect of my being. It is my
divine inheritance. I am made of this divine substance. I am
inseparable from this good. God breathes and loves through me. It is
that divine yearning within me to fully know the whole, perfect and
complete Presence of God. There is no place in my life where God is
not. The presence of God is in, through around and as me. I live in
the allness of the compassionate One.

From this place of oneness I speak this prayer for and about myself
and all life. I affirm a steadfast willingness to be present with
life. I practice gratitude with all that shows up. However it appears
I trust that it is here for my benefit. I am willing let go of old
unhelpful ways of avoiding, escaping or numbing out. I remember my
Higher power, Mother-Father God, Spirit---however I name it, is all
powerful and loving me always.  I open to Its 100% available
support and guidance. I replace unskillful habits and reach out to
those around me. I choose connection rather than isolation. I affirm
choices, activities and relationships that support my spiritual growth
and sobriety. I am more kind and forgiving with myself. I recognize
progress and let go of the tendency to overthink. Unhelpful self-talk
is interrupted and redirected with prayer and the spiritual truth of
who I am. Occurrences I consider "triggers" now direct me to life
affirming thoughts, words, practices and connections. I welcome and
allow this boundless good into my life as it shows up in myriad ways.
I accept that I am never alone. I embody the awareness that God is my
constant friend, ever-present companion, support and guide, loving me

I give thanks and celebrate this spiritual truth.

I let go and let God.
And so it is.

Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa

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