Saturday, July 1, 2017

Clear Communication

Clear Communication

Enfolded in this one loving Presence there is only God. It is the allness of being moving in and out of form, creating anew in each moment. It is active and present in all of creation, in constant compassionate communion with every aspect of Itself as Life.

And so I am a part of God's loving expression, integrated into Its allness, inseparable from the wholeness and goodness of the One. I am an instrument and activity of this holy communion, a place where God shows up. It is my divine nature to bask in this divine communication, an irrevocable unbreakable  connection with God. I have no edges. There is no place I end and the rest of God begins.

From this place of wholeness and oneness with the Source of my being I speak for myself. I accept a greater experience of clear communication in every aspect of my life. I more easily notice and release any thought, idea or belief in lack, limitation, separation or fear. I maintain an open channel with the Divine through my daily practice of prayer, meditation and communing with nature. In this I am a more sensitive listener. I slow down to hear the God in me.  I trust messages that come through my body, heart and intuition.I am more kind, transparent and undefended when I communicate with others. I notice my self-talk is more loving, gentle and forgiving.   I declare a willingness to listen more than I speak. Honesty is accompanied by kindness. I enjoy and cultivate being an ever clearer, compassionate instrument  in  communication with Life. I lean into  deeper communion with the Divine.

With gratitude and comfort in recognizing  this Truth,  I am assured it is already known and done in God.

And so it is.
Amada Colt, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa
# A world that works for everyone

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