Saturday, August 26, 2017

Guidance in Making a Decision

Prayer for guidance in making a decision

There is only one power and presence of Spirit above and overall. Spirit is love and peace. Spirit is the wisdom and power of life. Spirit is the energy behind all life, all creatures, trees, the winds and the sky. Everywhere present, Spirit shows up in all parts of life, the seen and the unseen. Spirit is as soft as a gentle wind and as strong as the summer sun. Behind all life, the loving presence of Spirit is always there. That wholeness and oneness of Spirit is rich and full.

My life is one with Spirit. I have within me all the power and wisdom of Spirit. I am a unique expression of Spirit, rich with divine love and life. I have within me all of Spirit’s qualities – love, peace, wisdom and light. Those qualities are always there within me – I can access them any time. I take up the mantle of love and open to divine wisdom within.

From this place of unity, I now declare that I know exactly what to do with this decision I have to make.  I claim Spirit’s guidance to help me make the decision that is best for me right now. I allow Spirit to move me step by step in the direction of my greatest and highest good. I listen to that still small voice within and just allow it to help. I know Spirit’s wisdom is always there and I allow myself to just relax and sense it. I let go of anything fear or doubt that might block Spirit’s wisdom.  I train my mind with faith to listen to the guidance within. I call forth my wisdom and power. I reclaim that goodness within me and allow it to work through me.

And now I give thanks for this moment of clarity and truth. I give thanks for remembering this truth and I align myself with Spirit again and again.

With gratitude, I can now release this prayer into the law.  I can let go and allow the law to transform these words into actions my life. And so it is. Amen.

Bette Smith, RScP
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa