Friday, March 23, 2012

Right Livelihood and Perfect Job

A prayer for right livelihood and perfect job

There is one divine Source, one Creator, one perfect Intelligence that gives itself fully to all of life. The universe itself is moving according to the perfect pattern of this one Love. And this Love is infinite and eternal. All of existence is included in the loving action of the one divine Life. The possibilities for greater good are limitless.

I am included in the loving action of the divine. The source of Life gives itself to me fully and freely. All my needs are met by this one perfect Intelligence.

I accept that the universe is supporting me right now. I connect with every opportunity and every possibility that presents itself to me with openness and grace. My faith is deep and full and I step into every situation with confidence. I trust that perfect intelligence that has ordered the universe to bring order to my life. Right livelihood is my divine inheritance and I am confident that the perfect job is awaiting my acceptance right now. I realize that I am fully supported, inspired and enlivened to move fully in the direction of my dreams. I am filled with happy expectancy, knowing that all is well.

I give thanks for the fulfillment of right livelihood and perfect job in my life.

I release this word into that law of creation that responds fully and immediately

And So It Is


  1. Thank you so very much for this beautifully written prayer. Finding work that is aligned with personal value and to be supported by that work has been a great challenge in my life. This prayer says exactly what I need to know in my heart at all times. Thank you.

  2. I was really needing the perfect prayer for an interview in 15 minutes, and as I sit in Germany awaiting the call, I went to the CSLSR and there was the support I so needed. Thanks

  3. Thank you God. Thank you for the beauty , love and wisdom of the prayer for right livelihood. I relase my fear, shame and doubt about making a good living doing what I love and using my divine gifts and talents. I am a Divine genius and love, abundance and creativity flows through my thoughts, my feelings and actions. I release all blocks that stop me from hearing the dIVINE GUIDANCE THAT CALLS ME, COMFORTS ME AND DIRECTS ME TO THE PATH OF MY HIGHEST GOOD.